Tape Pictures

Tape Pictures (4)

If your kid loves crayons, this is a neat way to vary the fun. In full honesty, Travis needed quite a lot of direction as we put the craft together, since the concept and method were new, but it still made for lots of fun, and filled a nice half hour of our morning.

To start, help your child tear masking tape into small pieces, and arrange however he or she would like on a piece of construction paper. Travis told me he was making “helicopters” and trucks,  piling his tape in big mounds, so I added a few extra pieces to space things out a little more.

Tape Pictures (1)

Likewise when it came time to color, Travis was making circles and blotches in small segments of the paper, so I showed him how to apply the color more evenly, including over the tape, for the best result.

Tape Pictures (2)

I made 2 versions of my own – one with his name and one with a helicopter – of course! – so he could fully appreciate the tape’s effect.

Tape Pictures (3)

Then it was time to peel the tape off! Travis loved this part, although it was quite difficult even for a grown-up to do without tearing the construction paper.

Tape Pictures (5)

Still, we ended up with very neat pictures to display on our fridge for a few days.

Tape Pictures (7)

Next time I would try the activity with markers and poster board for a sturdier final result.

Tape Pictures (8)

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