Black Magic

Black Magic (3)

I told Travis that today we were going to make some magic with our artwork, and he got so excited! There are two versions of this game, “revealing” other colors through black paint or crayons, and the second version worked much better for us.

Try both and see which one your child likes better!

In the first, have your child color as thickly as they can with crayons on white paper. Travis loved the idea of coloring very thickly, and took to it right away.

Black Magic (1)

Next, use black watercolor paint and a paintbrush to color over the whole paper. The crayon wax will resist the paint, for a very cool effect. Travis was only mildly interested in this version though, because he is new to watercolors and was more interested in mixing the various colors and dipping the paintbrush in water than in covering over his crayon work.

I finished the picture off just so he could see the full effect:

Black Magic (6)

The next version was a big hit! After coloring a rainbow of colors thickly on white paper, I told Travis we had to hide the rainbow under black crayon.

Black Magic (2)

We’ve been playing a lot of hide-and-go-seek lately, so he was very into the idea that his other colors were hiding (even though we could still sort of see them), and showed him how to scratch off the black crayon with a coin.

BLack Magic (4)

He was so excited to reveal the colors underneath (“I see yellow!), even though the result wasn’t crystal clear. Overall, very exciting and “magical.”

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