Build a Sand(Paper) Castle

Sandpaper (6)

Today was our first beach day of the summer! We took Travis to the beach last summer, but at one-year old, he likely has only foggy memories of it.

So to set the tone for a fun beach day, we started our morning with this easy sand(paper) castle craft at home!

You’ll need various grades of sandpaper to make the castle (coarse, medium, and fine), and I recommend a variety of colors as well for the best visual effect. Cut the sandpaper sheets into shapes like rectangles, squares, and triangles and then let your child arrange on the paper.

Sandpaper (1)

At this age, Travis needed help gluing the pieces in proper formation, but he loved dipping a paintbrush in the glue and dabbing on the back of the sandpaper pieces before I affixed each one (and sometimes added more glue after, as you see in the picture!).

Sandpaper (2)

If you have older kids, let them be the architect of their own castle formation!

Once the glue has dried, finish your castle with a marker background. We made sure to add a beautiful blue sky day.

Sandpaper (5)

The fun need not stop there; leftover sandpaper pieces made for great play on the carpet, organizing into structures and talking about the various shapes.

Sandpaper (3)

Then Travis discovered it felt funny on his feet to walk on the sandpaper. “Ouch!” he said with a laugh, before walking back across.

Sandpaper (4)

And then it was off to the real beach!

Sandpaper (7)

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