Toddler Car

Toddler Car (2)

We had lots of indoor play today in the wake of a little illness, but thank goodness we had a toddler-sized box at home from a recent package delivery – it turned out to be the highlight of the day!

Early in the morning, I cut four holes in the sides of the box and told Travis they were the four windows of our car.

I left one flap of the box at the front end to be the dashboard, which I then decorated with a crayon wheel. Travis took over with the crayons, and the box turned into a beautiful canvas for his art and imagination.

Toddler Car (1)

We added four circles of aluminum foil for the wheels, which I simply taped on. If you have a large enough box, consider stapling on foil pie tins for sturdier wheels. A wad of aluminum foil taped to the wheel was the finishing touch as the “horn.”

Toddler Car (3)

Travis loved his car so much that he was in it for over an hour in the afternoon! We had to take many vroom-ing rides across the living room carpet, and continued the decoration with more markers and stickers.

Toddler Car (5)

A sure sign that he’s feeling much better!

Toddler Car (6)

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