Traffic Light

Traffic Lights (3)

This week, I made red, yellow, and green “traffic” lights, which lend themselves to so many games! The set-up is easy, although just for the grown-ups. Cut red, yellow, and green construction paper to fit paper plates, and staple on. If you like, secure a popsicle stick handle to the back of each with duct tape.

Travis’s favorite game by far with these props was to drive a “car” past the traffic lights. I made him a small cardboard “wheel” and he ran about the room driving an imaginary car. When he passed the green sign, it was time to Go! full speed.

But if he passed yellow, he had to slow down.

Traffic Lights (2)

When he reached the red stop sign, it was time to stop of course, until I shouted ‘Go!’ again.

Traffic Lights (1)

You can also make mini versions for toy cars. I taped small red, yellow, and green circles to a few of Travis’s blocks to line the roadway of the block city we built.

Traffic Lights (5)

Another fun option – and a way to get your kids exercising – is to play music while holding the signs. Your little one gets to dance fast when you hold up green and slow for yellow. Here’s Travis racing about in a fast jig:

Traffic Lights (8)

And here he is doing a very careful, slow bell dance:

Traffic Lights (7)

Then they need to freeze when you hold up the red. You could also press pause on the music you’re playing, for added effect.

Once all those games at home are done, tuck the signs into your diaper bag and bring along for a car ride. Ask your child to be your traffic cop, holding up the red sign when you come to a red light, and the green when the light changes.

Traffic Lights (9)

Ready, set, go!

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