Toy Airplane

Toy Airplane (5)

Here’s a trick for when you need to devote your attention to packing up for vacation – but have a toddler to entertain in the meantime! Pick an easy craft, ideally one where not only the end product but also the various components used during construction make for a great solo play.

Since we’re headed on vacation, I figured what better craft to make than a toy airplane?

Cut two slits in the sides of a paper towel tube. Cut “wings” from poster board, and slide into the slits. Squirt a little glue in the bottom of a paper cup and attach to one end of the tube as a “cockpit.” Make sure you let the glue dry before moving on to decoration!

Travis enjoyed helping glue on pieces of old tissue paper with a glue stick.

Toy Airplane (4)

If you have the time, add windows or other airplane embellishments with markers. We skipped that part, and probably for the best; in full honesty, Travis soon discovered it was more fun to tear the tissue paper off his plane than it had been to glue it on!

Toy Airplane (7)

As mentioned, although the assembly of this craft is largely for adults, the supplies (poster board, a few extra paper cups, tissue paper), are all materials that foster great creative play in toddlers. Travis was very happy with his crafty items while I went about packing. The paper cups in particular were a huge hit, both for stacking and for playing games of “kitchen.”

And then of course there’s the plane itself! Travis loved piloting his plane from on top of my suitcase:

Toy Airplane (2)

And while running around the apartment:

Toy Airplane (6)

It also makes for great shadow play. And now, bon voyage!

Toy Airplane (1)

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