DIY Sponge Blocks

DIY sponge (1)

When it comes to homemade building blocks, these are as easy as they come! Just buy large sponges in bulk (aim to have about 8 to 12 total), and you’re ready for play.

I hadn’t even finished cutting the sponges into shapes (rectangles, squares, and triangles) before Travis noticed them piling up on the counter and demanded we start playing with them.

DIY sponge (2)

The building commenced right away.

DIY sponge (3)

Once the initial novelty of the shapes and texture wore off, it was time to be more imaginative. The sponges soon turned into food.

DIY sponge (4)

Which needed to be grilled of course.

DIY sponge (6)

To take a break from the imaginative play, encourage your toddler or preschooler to make letters with the sponges, or simple patterns by color or shape.

DIY sponge (5)

As the grand finale, we took the sponges outside. They were exceedingly fun to dip into a bucket of water and throw onto the ground.

DIY sponge (9)

We also tested out how much water the sponges could hold, by squeezing them over a cup.

DIY sponge (8)

And you thought sponges were dull as dish water!