Your Tops, Dad!

You're Tops Dad (4)

This easy project from High Five magazine is sure to delight the dads and grandpas in your life this Father’s Day!

You're Tops Dad (5)

Purchase blank white baseball caps, and let your child go wild with fabric markers. Travis had so much fun choosing colors, and deciding where the marker should go!

You're Tops Dad (2)

The only bit I added was a name on the brim and a #1 for his dad. Add a cap for any grandpas or other special father figures in your little one’s life!

You're Tops Dad (6)

The next step was a grown up one, but Travis loved watching; cover the the caps with a piece of white paper, and iron the caps. This will keep the marker from bleeding.

You're Tops Dad

Wishing all the dads a Happy Father’s Day!