Galaxy in a Bottle

Galaxy Jar (6)

This project is reminiscent of our Glitter Star Jars, but we liked the results and the making of it even better!

It all began when we found gorgeous pictures of galaxies and star clusters on NASA’s website – so cool to skim through and to teach your child a bit about the cosmos, even if the larger details are lost on a preschooler.

After our picture-gazing was done, we began the real fun – putting together our own glittery universe.

We dyed water with food coloring in two separate cups, one red and one blue.

Galaxy Jar (1)

To the red cup, we added a judicious amount of glitter. In the blue cup, we went wild with lots of glitter!

Galaxy Jar (2)

To assemble your universe, tear cotton balls apart slightly, and fill a clear glass or plastic jar.

Galaxy Jar (3)

We poured in the red cup, which fully saturated the cotton balls. After adding a second layer of cotton balls, we poured in the blue cup. The two layers stayed perfectly separated, which made for a gorgeous effect!

Galaxy Jar (4)

Travis had so much fun that he soon became a little scientist, concocting universes out of food coloring and glitter for quite some time.

Galaxy Jar (5)

A great start to the morning!

Galaxy Jar (7)

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