Number Bead Stringing

Number Bead Stringing (5)

This project is great on so many levels! It keeps little hands busy if you’re doing chores around the house, works their number skills, and helps hone their fine motor skills.

The original post I saw for the game said to thread beads onto pipe cleaners, but I didn’t have any at home. Instead, we have several laces from a bead lacing kit, so I attached a piece of masking tape to the end of each and numbered them 1 through 10.

Number Bead Stringing (1)

The task was then to thread the correct number of beads onto each string.

Number Bead Stringing (2)

Travis loved counting along as he threaded, and said his creations were necklaces for mommy and daddy – how sweet!

Number Bead Stringing (6)

Don’t fret if your child doesn’t complete threads 1 through 10 in one sitting, this is the kind of game you can leave lying around for a little while.

Number Bead Stringing (4)


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