Third Birthday Party: Rock ‘n’ Roll

third bday (10)

Age three is the first year that my son was very aware that his birthday party was his special day, marking the event of his birthday. So I wanted to build the party around the things that make him happiest in the world right now: music and guitars. Once we’d picked the rock ‘n’ roll theme, it was time to sort out the details.

Starting with a guitar-printed shirt of course!

third bday (9).JPG

To give the 2-hour party a focus, I decided on a music concert. No need to hire expensive musicians for your rock ‘n’ roll gig, though – if you have a family member or friend who plays an instrument, or even just sings, you have instant entertainment for a group of children!

third bday (15)

Just add instruments for the children to play along – bongo drums, maracas, tambourines – and the main part of your party takes care of itself.

Before the concert began, we set the stage (pun intended!) with fun rock-themed decor and games for the kids.

third bday (6)I used a simple red, black, and silver color scheme, which we picked up in balloons and serving pieces throughout the room.

third bday (11)

Each child got a cardboard guitar cutout to decorate with stickers, feathers, and glue sticks. I cut the guitars freehand from cardboard, but luckily children aren’t art critics!

thid bday (4)

Next head on over to a backdrop for rock star selfies! We added silly sunglasses, boas, bandanas, and rock star tattoos of course.

third bday (8)

Because the party was mid-afternoon, we kept food very simple with cake as the main event. Noshes included chips, pretzels, sliced watermelon, and a cheese platter for grown-ups.

third bday (7)

The rock star touch was rice krispie treat microphones!

third bday (5)

To prepare: Melt 3 tablespoons Earth Balance butter over low heat. Add 4 cups Dandies marshmallows and cook until completely melted. Pour the mixture over 6 cups puffed rice cereal, stirring to combine. Shape into balls and place atop sugar cones!

Cakes were from local vegan bakery Sweet to Lick, featuring rock star decorations and sprinkles.

third bday (21)

Goodie bags were the finishing touch, including guitar-shaped bubbles, guitar crayons from Etsy, and a CD mix of my son’s current favorite songs.

third bday (1)

Rock on!

third bday (22)



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