String Roller Print

String Print (9)

You can upcycle your empty toilet paper tubes and enjoy some messy fun with this project.

To create the rollers for our prints, first squeeze glue onto a disposable plate or tray. Add pieces of string and have fun squishing the string through the glue until coated.

String Print (1)

Travis was actually a bit squeamish about this step, so my fingers got good and messy; I finally cajoled him into winding some of the gluey strings around our two empty toilet paper tubes.

String Print (2)

We set the tubes aside to dry – nap-time was the perfect pause.

String Print (3)

To make our prints, I splattered several colors of paint onto parchment paper. First we needed to swirl them together a bit with a paintbrush.

String Print (8)

Then it was time to roll through our rollers. The whole project was neat because it made me think of roll printing on fabric.

String Print (7)

Travis was a little hesitant about getting his fingers covered in paint, but soon the rollers were rolling about on a piece of poster board.

String Print (6)

He decided to add a few brushstrokes with the paintbrush to finish his creation. Overall, very Jackson Pollock-esque!

String Print (10)