Summer Bucket List Part I


Summer Bucket (4)

Back in the fall, we embarked upon a bucket list of adventures before the season was through. It seemed only right to continue the tradition for the summer! Technically it’s not even summer yet, but this is meant to be more of a Memorial Day to Labor Day list. As with back in the fall, I’m posting the list now so you can follow along, and will post a follow-up once our adventures are complete.

I found a template in Parents magazine but adapted it slightly to include activities more suitable to Travis’s age and our local area. I typed the list up on the computer and printed in black and white so Travis could color in the various activities in bright colors.

Summer Bucket (3)

Stay tuned for a complete run-down of all our activities!

Paper Plate Kite

Plate Kite (7)

Let’s be honest. Kites are great but they can also be a royal pain – all that tangled string, getting enough wind to launch the kite high, etc.

This quick project gives kids the fun of a kite without the hassle. (Bonus points: there’s fine motor skill practice involved!).

Cut the center from a paper plate (or several plates, if you want multiple kites).

Plate Kite (3)

We went through our craft bin and selected pretty ribbon to tie on as the kite tails.

Plate Kite (1)

Now for that fine finger work! Help your child tie each ribbon around the bottom rim of the plate.

Plate Kite (2)

Travis was really proud when I told him this was almost like tying shoelaces.

Plate Kite (5)

No need to wait for a windy day – just run and the kite flutters with you!

Plate Kite (6)

Looking for a slightly more complicated project? Try out our plastic bag kite or tissue paper kite.