Paper Pinwheels

Paper Pinwheel (6)

Summer brings with it a plethora of parades, whether for Fourth of July, local events, or just no reason at all. Inevitably, vendors hawk items for kids on the sidelines like bead necklaces and pinwheels. Skip the expense, put together your own pretty pinwheel and bring it along to all your town events this summer – parades, fireworks, picnic dinners, music at the bandshell – or whatever else is on in your town!

You can use decorative paper to make the pinwheels, but we thought it would be more fun to color our own. Spirals, polka dots, stars and stripes – whatever strikes your kid’s fancy!

Paper Pinwheel (1)

Once colored, cut the paper into 6 inch squares, then cut a slit (about 3 inches deep) at each corner.

Paper Pinwheel (2)

Cut a small circle from your scrap paper to be the center of your pinwheel.

Adults, using a pin or brad, poke through all the layers: start with the center circle, then add the cut corners of the pinwheel one at a time, moving in a circular motion. In retrospect, we would have colored both sides of our paper!

Paper Pinwheel (3)

Finally, poke the brad down into a pencil eraser. The perfect item to wave as the parade goes by!

Paper Pinwheel (4)