Hide the Beanbag

Hide the Beanbag (3)

This is a great game to help toddlers understand the concepts of being visible versus hidden. All you need is a beanbag or two!

You can technically play anywhere, but when I originally tried the game using furniture and pillows in a big room, Veronika wasn’t interested.

Of far greater interest to her was playing the game in her dollhouse. I think the smaller space made it more tangible.

Hide the Beanbag (1)

We would hide a beanbag inside or under a piece of the dollhouse furniture, although “hide” was a relative term. I always left some of the beanbag visible, which made the skill level just right for a toddler. She would move the furniture aside with a big flourish and I would announce, “You found it!”

Hide the Beanbag (5)

Then she started “hiding” the beanbags herself. She placed a piece of furniture over one, then moved it herself.

Hide the Beanbag (10)

“I found it!”

Hide the Beanbag (8)

Now that she had the idea, she ran off to hide the beanbag elsewhere in the house.

Hide the Beanbag (9)

This game is a great early form of hide-and-seek!

Hide the Beanbag (4)

Paint with Water

Paint with Water (3)

If you have a toddler who wants to paint, but you’re either some place where paint isn’t available or would be too messy, here is the perfect trick: paper towels + marker + water.

I drew a picture for Veronika on a paper towel using thick lines of black marker. The image featured a truck, since right now she’s obsessed with all things that Go!

Paint with Water (1)

I showed her how to dip a paintbrush in water, swipe it along the black line, and “paint” the picture.

Paint with Water (2)

The water will make the marker color spread on the paper towel. It’s particularly neat because the black separates out into a spectrum, leaving blue and purple hues behind too. So your toddler might really think he or she is adding color!

Paint with Water (4)

Veronika loved the way this looked, painting along the truck, the road, the sun, and more.

Paint with Water (5)

So in sum, this “painting” activity is simple but fun, with a cute resulting work of art.

Paint with Water (7)