Build a Fort!

We haven’t built a fort with pillows since the winter, so it felt like time! Today, I simply told Veronika we were going to turn our couch pillows into a fort, and let her take it from there.

She was immediately interested in lying down on the cozy blanket we brought from her room, so that became the centerpiece of the fort. She loved pretending to sleep, nestled in her cozy cave of pillow walls.

Then we made the structure a bit more involved by adding multiple “rooms”, each blocked off by a separate blanket and pillows.

OF course this was the perfect place to invite in some animal friends.

She loved playing in this space that was just the right size for one little girl. In fact, the first time I put the fort away, she demanded we make it again!

The beauty of building forts is to let your child imagine how it will take shape, and what will happen inside. Stand back and let your kids take over with this one!

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