Indoor Cereal Sandbox

We often make indoor sandboxes when it’s too cold to go outside, but today was the opposite; it was too hot to head to the playground, so we needed a summer indoor sandbox!

I recently pulled out our inflatable baby pool for the summer, so instead of filling it with water, I added… puffed rice cereal! Two boxes made a nice layer on the ground without an overwhelming depth, and Veronika comfortably climbed right in.

She first wanted just to run her fingers through the cereal, or pick up handfuls and let it rain down. But the fun really picked up when we added “sandbox” toys. A rake, a few cups to fill and empty, and a few other items to scoop and shovel with, and she was having as much fun as when she’s at the sandbox at the park!

Bonus points: there was no danger of overheating, inside in the a/c!

How would you make an indoor sandbox on a hot day? Please share in the comments!