Black Bean Indoor Sandbox

Black Bean Sandbox (1)

Perhaps I should have held off on this particular indoor sandbox for a couple of days until October is officially here. But when I spotted my bulk bag of dried black beans, the color instantly made me think of all the Halloween decor I just stocked up on. So it was a spooky indoor sandbox a few days early!

I poured the beans into a shallow tray and added a few Halloween items that lent themselves well to sensory play. These included cupcake liners (with spiderweb and black-and-orange print designs), as well as felt skeleton figures.

Black Bean Sandbox (2)

First her attention went to the little skeletons, and she loved putting them in the cupcake liners, or burying them under the beans and then digging them back up again (spooky!).

Black Bean Sandbox (5)

She could also use the cupcake liners for scooping and pouring, which was great for fine motor skills.

Black Bean Sandbox (3)

She spent quite some time transferring beans back and forth this way.

Black Bean Sandbox (4)

I had planned just to let her use her hands, but she requested a spoon to scoop through, too.

Black Bean Sandbox (7)

Then to my surprise, she first sat in the beans…

Black Bean Sandbox (8)

…and then stood right up in them! This gave her the giggles.

Black Bean Sandbox (9)

In sum, the bin was a great one for keeping her busy and for introducing the upcoming holiday!

Black Bean Sandbox (6)

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