Learn from Sesame Street

Learn from Sesame Street (4)

Believe it or not, my kids have never seen Sesame Street, even though I remember enjoying it as a child. I thought I would test out a few clips with Veronika today and see what she thought. We added an activity to each clip, too, to make the play hands-on.

Learn from Sesame Street (1)

First up was the theme of friendship. We watched Sesame Street‘s “What is a Friend“, and then we made very simple friendship bracelets, threading pony beads onto pipe cleaners.

Learn from Sesame Street (2)

Veronika loved the activity, and even lovingly helped me put a bangle on my wrist. Toddlers can make these for siblings or friends, too!

Learn from Sesame Street (3)

Next up was a clip about emotions. Try “Happy/Sad Balloons“, featuring Big Bird. To help Veronika further understand the concept, I repeated an old craft, Feeling Friends.

Learn from Sesame Street (5)

For healthy eating, head over to the clip “Hurray-Hurrah for Broccoli“. After watching this one, Veronika helped polish a shiny tooth with white paint. Your toddler might also enjoy making a happy tooth/sad tooth food collage.

Learn from Sesame Street (7)

For a quick video about family, try “Five People in my Family“. We then drew a family tree and talked about everyone in it. For a more intricate version, try a photo family tree.

Learn from Sesame Street (8)

For a Sesame Street segment on recycling, try “Mayonnaise Jar“. If you have an old mayonnaise jar on hand, you can quickly make the lesson a reality! Lacking that, I wanted to show Veronika the value of recycling, so we made a quick recycled box guitar!

Learn from Sesame Street (10)

The verdict after all that? Veronika does not like Sesame Street any more than big brother Travis. I think both of my children are afraid of the puppets and voices. “I not like the video,” she said each time. So… a lesson learned for mommy, too!

Designer Pancakes

Designer Pancakes (8)

Today was Veronika’s first time at the stove! She’s not quite yet 2, so needless to say I supervised this activity very closely. But dripping pancake better is an excellent first stove-top activity, and will make toddlers feel like big helpers in the kitchen.

First up was whipping up a super simple pancake recipe, by whisking the following together in a big bowl:

1 and 1/2 cups almond milk

2 Ener-G eggs

4 tablespoons canola oil

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 and 1/2 cups flour

Toddlers can help with this part, too!

Designer Pancakes (1)

I poured the batter into a liquid measuring cup and helped Veronika climb on a stool by the stove. Together, we held a big ladle and dripped the batter into a heated pan coated with cooking spray.

Designer Pancakes (2)

When it’s your toddler’s turn, chances are the “design” of the pancakes will be completely random. But Veronika loved that she made “baby pancakes”, and we thought one looked like a caterpillar.

Designer Pancakes (3)

Some of the small ones looked like little clouds in the sky.

Designer Pancakes (5)

While she enjoyed sampling the first batch, I prepared a slightly more deliberate design: a pancake gingerbread man! Chocolate chips made eyes, a nose, and buttons.

Designer Pancakes (7)

Veronika absolutely loved this activity, both the cooking and the eating of it.

Designer Pancakes (6)