Learn from Sesame Street

Learn from Sesame Street (4)

Believe it or not, my kids have never seen Sesame Street, even though I remember enjoying it as a child. I thought I would test out a few clips with Veronika today and see what she thought. We added an activity to each clip, too, to make the play hands-on.

Learn from Sesame Street (1)

First up was the theme of friendship. We watched Sesame Street‘s “What is a Friend“, and then we made very simple friendship bracelets, threading pony beads onto pipe cleaners.

Learn from Sesame Street (2)

Veronika loved the activity, and even lovingly helped me put a bangle on my wrist. Toddlers can make these for siblings or friends, too!

Learn from Sesame Street (3)

Next up was a clip about emotions. Try “Happy/Sad Balloons“, featuring Big Bird. To help Veronika further understand the concept, I repeated an old craft, Feeling Friends.

Learn from Sesame Street (5)

For healthy eating, head over to the clip “Hurray-Hurrah for Broccoli“. After watching this one, Veronika helped polish a shiny tooth with white paint. Your toddler might also enjoy making a happy tooth/sad tooth food collage.

Learn from Sesame Street (7)

For a quick video about family, try “Five People in my Family“. We then drew a family tree and talked about everyone in it. For a more intricate version, try a photo family tree.

Learn from Sesame Street (8)

For a Sesame Street segment on recycling, try “Mayonnaise Jar“. If you have an old mayonnaise jar on hand, you can quickly make the lesson a reality! Lacking that, I wanted to show Veronika the value of recycling, so we made a quick recycled box guitar!

Learn from Sesame Street (10)

The verdict after all that? Veronika does not like Sesame Street any more than big brother Travis. I think both of my children are afraid of the puppets and voices. “I not like the video,” she said each time. So… a lesson learned for mommy, too!

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