Brush the Tooth

Brush the Tooth (3)

Travis has been very intrigued with the ‘Good Morning, Daniel’ episode of Daniel Tiger (season 2, episode 7), especially when Daniel brushes his own teeth! To get him even more excited about starting to use his toothbrush himself, I introduced this cute project.

Draw (or cut out) a tooth shape on yellow construction paper. Don’t worry about your artistic skills here, just aim for a rough approximation!

Now for the fun part: Instead of a paintbrush, let your child paint the tooth white with an old toothbrush – brusha brusha brusha! Travis was first startled and then delighted that I let him dip a toothbrush in paint.

Brush the Tooth (1)

As he worked, we talked about how the yellow tooth was dirty, and the white paint (toothpaste) was making it sparkly clean. Never too early for a little lesson in hygiene!

Brush the Tooth (2)

Travis didn’t always keep the white paint in the lines of course, so I neatened things up at the end, and traced over the outline of the tooth. It now hangs happily on our fridge, and he gets very excited when he sees, “the tooth!”

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