Wind-Themed Day!

Wind theme (6)

We had one of our “theme” days today, basing several games and other activities on the concept of the wind.

As a fun craft to start, we made a homemade windsock. The craft couldn’t be simpler: Have your toddler apply a thick layer of glue around the inside rim of an empty paper towel tube.

Wind theme (1)

Attach long streamers to the glue, and let dry. Once the streamers are set, take the wind sock outside to see how it flutters and catches the wind.

Wind theme (3)

While Travis held the windsock, I also showed him how today’s strong gusts made our pinwheel whip around, without us having to blow like we do indoors. A magical moment of the day.

Wind theme (5)

For some silly gross motor play, you can take turns pretending to be the wind. One person huffs and puffs as the other turns in a big circle!

We continued the fun at bedtime with two storybooks about wind (Like a Windy Day; The Wind Blew), and then enjoyed our latest evening ritual – “blowing” off all the lights on a count of 1-2-3 before bed, and giving his nightlight a gentle blow to illuminate it.

The perfect lullaby to cap things off? Rock-a-Bye-Baby of course!

Wind Sock maybe.JPG