Nature Treasure Hunt Bracelet

Nature Bracelet (5)

While in the park recently collecting treasures to paint, Travis and I also made a nature collection bracelet. I was surprised that he didn’t want to wear it himself, since he usually loves things around his arm – my watch, his father’s elastic wrist bands – but apparently he draws the line at duct tape! So I was the bracelet model, and Travis helped build our collection.

To make the bracelet, wrap duct tape around itself in a loose circle, big enough to slip on and off your wrist easily.  You want the sticky side facing out.

As you walk, loosely press your nature finds onto the bracelet.

Nature Bracelet (2)

Travis adored this part, hunting for flowers and leaves, and helping me stick our treasures on. It was a great way to talk about some new items, too, like pine needles and a bird feather.

Nature Bracelet (1)

Once you decide your bracelet is complete, cut a strip of clear contact paper just a little wider than the duct tape. Remove the backing and place the contact paper, sticky side down, over the bracelet. Fold the overhanging edge over the duct tape to seal.

Nature Bracelet (4)

Another magical creation here in late summer!

Nature Bracelet (6)