Camping Crate

Koala Camping (2)

We’ve received our second Koala Crate, this time with a camping theme! I was a little disappointed that I had to put together all three crafts by myself this month, but as stated in my Rainbow Crate post, this is mainly because the crates are marketed to ages 3 and up, and Travis sometimes doesn’t have the fine motor skills needed at age 2. That said, the camping theme was a delight, and a great way to introduce new materials, learn new concepts and vocab, and engage in imaginative play with our creations!

If not a Koala subscriber, try these projects using felt shapes, colored tissue paper squares, brown construction paper (for the tripod), glue, and a dowel from a craft store.

The first step was to put together our “campfire” on the sticky tripod provided. Travis did help a little with the neat dowel-method of sticking on tissue paper squares:

Koala Camping (1)

Mostly, though, he watched as I assembled the creation, telling me which color “fire” to add next. Once done, he was thrilled with the tea light provided, giving our campfire a real glow!

Koala Camping (3)

Next I showed him the very cool pretend food, various felt shapes meant to be s’mores and (veggie) dogs roasted over our flames.

Koala Camping (5)

He loved the idea of holding the felt shapes over the campfire, and asked to repeat the game throughout the day.

Koala Camping (8)

For the backpack craft, Travis quickly identified that we were making a bear. I put on all the stickers – too precise a task for his little hands – but he loved watching the bear take shape as I worked. Once complete, I put the backpack on him and he exclaimed, “Bye Mama, I’m going to school!” so proudly.

Koala Camping (6)

And then of course we needed to erect a camping tent! Since I only have stools, not chairs, our tent was quite low…. but Teddy and Bunny fit inside:

Koala Camping (9)

Travis latched right on to the idea of showing the stuffed animals how to cook his new food over the campfire.

Koala Camping (11)

Then he grabbed his guitar, so I told him we should sing campfire songs. “What other campfire songs do we know?” he asked. I rooted around for some old favorites from my childhood and taught him a few new tunes. What fun!

Koala Camping (10)

Overall, this crate was great for introducing new concepts and sparking creativity, but not an art project for a 2 year old. I look forward to more crafting with next month’s kit!