Roll and Color

Roll and Color (3)

I had so much fun with this little project because it counts as Travis’s first “board game.” Although he didn’t quite understand the full concept, it was a nice way to introduce him to multi-player games, and I look forward to playing it with him as he gets older.

The big excitement for toddlers comes for the out-size die – made from an old tissue box! Cover the box with white paper, and color in one dot on each side, in 6 different colors.

Roll and Color (1)

Mark those same 6 colors on strips of paper – these are each player’s “score cards.”

Now give that big die a toss!

Roll and Color (2)

When it lands, have your toddler tell you what color he or she sees, then select a matching pom pom. A roll of green, for example, means you can place one green pom pom on your score card. The first player to collect all the colors “wins.”

Roll and Color (4)

Of course, Travis and I played a modified version, rolling and selecting pom poms, but we didn’t keep score. As mentioned, though, I liked introducing the idea of a board game to him.

Roll and Color (5)

If you try this with a preschooler, I’d love to hear how the game goes in the comments!