Rainy-Day Pictures

Rainy-Day Picture (3)

When summer thunderstorms are rolling through, this cute project can keep toddlers cheerful inside!

First, help your child draw a rainy day scene, in whatever way they like. I made a few gray clouds as a prompt, and Travis added blue swirls of rain – and later some pink and green, because why not!

Rainy-Day Picture (1)

Now it’s time to get gluey! Use a paintbrush to apply glue liberally to the paper. Fold cupcake liners in half and glue on – these will be your umbrella tops. Add glue underneath each umbrella, and press on yarn for the handles.

Rainy-Day Picture (2)

To be honest, Travis wasn’t much into this project, other than the glue (which he loved!) so I made the umbrellas. I like having the picture hang on our fridge, though, so we can talk about it when rainy days roll around again.