Backpack Key Chains

Backpack Keychain (8)

Travis is kitted out with notebooks and textbooks, but he won’t be completely back-to-school ready until his backpack has some homemade bling! We used up the last of a pack of craft spools for this easy DIY version.

First up was painting the spools and Travis chose red.

Backpack Keychain (2)

I painted a second set in a marbled red and yellow.

Backpack Keychain (4)

You’ll want to use acrylic paints so that the first rainy day doesn’t spoil your child’s craft. But since little sister Veronika wanted to get involved, I gave her some washable paints to smear around next to us.

Backpack Keychain (3)

Once the spools dry, thread onto craft laces. Travis chose blue for his.

Backpack Keychain (5)

And of course you’re sneaking in fine motor skills when your child threads the spools onto the lace.

Backpack Keychain (6)

We alternated these with wooden beads, then added a clasp at the top and knotted the lace.

Backpack Keychain (7)

Backpack? Check. COVID-19 hand sanitizer? Check. Keychain? Check. He’s ready.

Backpack Keychain (9)

Waterfall Game

Waterfall Game (4)

A rather aimless Veronika seemed in need of entertainment of a Sunday morning, so I pulled out two simple items to create a game: pennies and a jar!

Waterfall Game (1)

I placed all the pennies on a tray and then filled the jar almost all the way with water. If you’re playing with big kids, turn it into a more of a competition. Take turns dropping pennies into the container. Game over when a player’s penny makes water spill over the edge!

Of course Veronika couldn’t have known we were playing a game against each other, but she did get into the rhythm of turn-taking. I added a penny, she added a penny, and so on.

Waterfall Game (2)

Then we just started adding pennies by the handful!

Waterfall Game (5)

I made a big deal out of it when we reached that point where water sloshed over, so she got excited too.

Waterfall Game (7)

Your toddler won’t get it yet, but there’s watery science at work here (surface tension! displacement!) that he or she will absorb (heh). Veronika loved watching the water spill.

Waterfall Game (9)

After that I dumped the water out so she simply had a jar and pennies. Now, she loved the ker-plunk of dropping in the coins and kept busy solo for a while longer.

Waterfall Game (10)