Draw Your Baby’s Family Tree

Family Tree (6)

Following up on our extra large photo album, today I made another project to help Veronika recognize and know the closest members of our family.

On a piece of construction paper, first draw a basic tree shape with markers.

Family Tree (1)

I added brown lines for each family member we’d include in an upside-down V (to look like each picture is hanging from a wire).

Family Tree (2)

Now cut faces from photos, and “hang” on your tree. Whoops, you’ll notice I had to leave a few spaces blank until my next trip to the drugstore, but you can always add to your tree as you go.


Veronika and I talked through all the family members, which is great since some relatives live near and some far. Make sure to point to each person as you say the name.

Family Tree (4)

And don’t forget a picture of baby!

This tree works great for tummy time.

Family Tree (5)

It’s also nice if you hang it on the wall, especially in a place your little one lies often and can take in the details of the family slowly.



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