Have a Change of Scene

Change of Scene (4)

Sometimes when you’re a stay-at-home parent with an infant, you just need to break up a long day. And sometimes that means a change of scene – for both of you! Veronika and I played around with this idea in two ways today, one way more for her, and one more for me.

First, if there’s a walk you traditionally take with your baby, you can mix things up with one simple twist: Pop open an umbrella! The more fun the pattern the better (a little kid’s umbrella fits the bill perfectly). We simply walked the usual grounds of our apartment complex, but she couldn’t stop gazing up at the umbrella shade. And wanted to grab the handle!

Change of Scene (3)

Having this funny purpose to our walk helped make the old seem new, even when we paused just to look at the regular view. A nice change of scene!

Change of Scene (5)

Now it was my turn. With my firstborn, I had a habit of ordering everything we needed online (hello, Amazon Prime). But one afternoon, I realized that the act of strapping baby into a car seat or stroller, making our way to a physical store, and buying an item there helped fill long days with a pre-verbal person! As a bonus, the baby gets all kinds of new stimulation from sights and sounds. So even if you need something simple – a baby item, a gallon of milk from the corner store, a quick cup of coffee – get out of the house, avoid the drive-thru and the internet, and make an event of it.

Today, Veronika and I strolled the downtown sidewalks…

Change of Scene (1).jpg

…popped into a cute local boutique since she needed a few new bibs anyway…


Change of Scene (2).jpg

…and otherwise soaked up the sights – and the change of scene!


Penny-Eating Monster

Penny Monster (11).JPG

Roar! This terrifying monster craft is a blast to put together, and then the game you can play with it is great for hand/eye coordination.

First, we needed a tissue box. Ours had a few tissues left in it, but I let Travis go to town ripping them out (and making them part of a super hero game), so already the craft was a hit.

Penny Monster (1)

Next, he decided what color our monster should be.

Penny Monster (3)

Travis dabbled in silvers and yellows, before declaring it was a wood monster. So mostly brown it was! Let dry.

Penny Monster (4)

Then it was time to put his scissor skills to the test. He helped cut out triangles for the teeth, while I made shapes for spikes and eyes.

Penny Monster (5)

Glue on all your monster’s decorations.

Penny Monster (7)

Now gather some pennies, and stand back! Because this monster wants to gobble them up.

Penny Monster (8)

The goal is to work as a team, and toss in as many pennies as you can from a few feet back.

Penny Monster (9)

If more pennies land inside the mouth than outside, you all win!

Penny Monster (12)

Travis loved the game, and we had to fill the monster’s belly and empty it over and over. It was also great for counting practice, since he made sure he and I started with the same number of pennies each time.

Penny Monster (10)

All in all, frightfully good fun.