Bumping Noses

Bump Noses (4)

Here is my new favorite way to make Veronika smile. It’s the cutest, quickest game ever but gets giggles every time.

Hold your baby a little ways away from your body, looking eye to eye. Whisper “boo”! and bring him or her a little closer.

Bump Noses (2)

Say “boo” again – a little louder now! And bring him or her even closer.

Now say “boo” even louder… but don’t yell or you might scare the baby! This time, bump noses gently. It gets Veronika grinning and giggling every time.

Bump Noses (1)

This game is also a fun one for siblings, who probably can’t hold the baby, but can play it while your little one is lying down on a blanket.

Bump Noses (3)


Go On a Nature Trail

Nature Walk (13).JPG

Spring has sprung!

For my baby girl, born just as autumn turned cold and gave way to winter, I have been waiting and waiting for this first spring day to show her that the world can be warm and wonderful. So today we took advantage and took her on a nature walk! You can do this activity in any park or wooded trail near you, or even in your own backyard. The goal is simply to engage all the senses and introduce baby to nature.

Strapped in the front carrier, I narrated everything we could see to Veronika, including trees and the first spring flowers. Hello purple!

Nature Walk (17)

If you want, let your baby get up close and feel interesting finds, like the bark of a tree or a smooth stick or soft leaf.

Nature Walk (8)

You can also stop to smell, whether the fresh grass of the meadow we walked through, or any plants you find.

Nature Walk (7)

Don’t forget abut the sense of hearing. We were delighted to happen upon a pond full of chirping sounds! At first I assumed it was birds, but then realized it was more likely frogs.

In sum, the simplest of outdoor trails will be full of wonders for your little one.

Nature Walk (9)

Robot Craft Challenge

Robot Challenge (6).JPG

This morning, I challenged Travis’s creativity. Could he make a robot with nothing more than 3 items from our craft bin: craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes? He was instantly up for it!

I laid out the materials (we also added tape) and watched him ponder.

Robot Challenge (1)

He very quickly decided a few sticks taped together could be the body. “I can do it!” he insisted, ripping the tape and sticking it on by himself. Then of course we added eyes, which Travis wanted to tape on all by himself.

Robot Challenge (8)

Next up came embellishments. He insisted we use shiny gold chenille sticks, since robots are usually shiny metal.

Robot Challenge (2)

He wanted to add arms, so another craft stick went on crosswise. But then he thought his robot needed wings. Some pipe cleaners twirled around the arm stick did the trick.

Robot Challenge (5)

The fun didn’t end there. We used chenille sticks to twist “bodies” and “arms” of more craft sticks together for baby robots.

Robot Challenge (7)

Then, because Travis is obsessed with all things Spiderman and his villains these days, we added 8 chenille stem pieces to another body as “Dr. Octopus.”

Robot Challenge (3)

What a great morning of fun we had, using just these three items from the craft bin!