Bumping Noses

Bump Noses (4)

Here is my new favorite way to make Veronika smile. It’s the cutest, quickest game ever but gets giggles every time.

Hold your baby a little ways away from your body, looking eye to eye. Whisper “boo”! and bring him or her a little closer.

Bump Noses (2)

Say “boo” again – a little louder now! And bring him or her even closer.

Now say “boo” even louder… but don’t yell or you might scare the baby! This time, bump noses gently. It gets Veronika grinning and giggling every time.

Bump Noses (1)

This game is also a fun one for siblings, who probably can’t hold the baby, but can play it while your little one is lying down on a blanket.

Bump Noses (3)


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