Name Check

Name Check (2)

Today’s activity is a simple reminder to… use your child’s name! It builds upon the Name Drop game we played back when Veronika was only two months old.

A child’s name is one of the first words they’ll truly recognize, since they probably hear it hundreds of times each day. For each action today, I made a point of saying “Veronika,” first. “Veronika, I’m going to pick you up now.” “Veronika, we’re going to do your diaper change.” “Veronika, we’re getting in the car.”

Then, although she’s years away from learning to read and write her name, it was also fun to provide her with a visual of it throughout the day.

To wit, she starts the day on the sheets that say her name!

Name Check (5)

Big brother Travis and I then had fun going through “Veronika’s photo album,” and putting together a personalized puzzle with her name – and she got to have fun watching the action.

Name Check (3)

Personalized books are great for this purpose, too, since many companies will now custom print a book featuring your child’s name.

We even have a family song almost entirely about her name. The ditty works like a charm whenever she’s fussy in the car. It goes:

Veronika, Veronika

We love Veronika – oh yeah!

And yes, I’ve been known to repeat this song for up to ten minutes on end, if it keeps her calm!

Name Check (4)

What other cute personalized items does your baby have? Chairs? Step stools? Backpacks? Please share in the comments!


Start Naming Colors

Name Colors (9)

As a general rule, I tend to pepper my speech for Veronika with mention of colors. They’re all around baby everyday, and you can say simple sentences like, “You’re wearing your green shirt” or “You’re holding a pink toy.” But today, we played a cute game that focused on the three primary colors, plus another very common one, green.

Build up a tower of soft blocks that are all one color for your child. As I placed each block, I repeated the color. “Red, red, red” I said, as this tower rose up, up, up.

Name Colors (5)

I repeated the process for a blue tower, green tower, and yellow tower.

Name Colors (8)

Then play a round of baby soccer (i.e. kicking) and have your child knock the tower down. “Now we’re knocking down the red tower!” I told her.

Name Colors (6)

Once she was surrounded by blocks, we took turns playing with one color at a time, again saying each color’s name as we played.

Name Colors (7)

This turned out to be such a delight that we had to repeat the building and knocking down several times!

Name Colors (3)

Once baby tires of it, leave some of the towers up for a great tummy time visual.

Name Colors (2)