Roly-Poly Game

Roly Poly Play (5)

We have a roller! Veronika officially started rolling a few days ago (and I credit a lot of that to our scarf circle game!) and now she doesn’t want to stop.

If you’re still coaxing your baby to roll (or have a new roller who can’t get enough of it) here’s a fun game to play. Any toy will work, but I like to play this game with round balls for maximum roly-poly fun.

Start with your baby on his or her back, and give them a toy.

Roly Poly Play (1)

Then move the toy just out of reach off to the side. If needed, you can get down in that direction too, and coo and urge your baby to reach for it and (hopefully) flip over.

Roly Poly Play (2)

My little miss roly-poly needs no encouragement, now! Going, going…

Roly Poly Play (3)


Roly Poly Play (4)

She looks so pleased to reach the toys.

Roly Poly Play (6)

We added on to the rolling fun by gently batting the ball back and forth.

Roly Poly Play (7)

As I rolled the ball near her, I sang:

Roll that little ball round the room

Roll that little ball round the room

Roll that little ball round the room, 

Roll that little ball, roll.

In sum, great roly-poly play.

Roly Poly Play (8)


Banana Messages

Banana Message (3).JPG

Here’s an adorable way to leave a message for your kids – and to teach them a tiny science lesson in the process!

Use a toothpick to score a message (whether words or a picture) into the peel of a banana. Thanks to the way this bruises the banana peel, your message will darken over time –  the longer it sits, the more visible it will be!

Note that you barely need to puncture the peel at all. The first time, I figured I needed to etch all the way down to the banana flesh, but this turned brown almost instantly.

Banana Message (1)

A more subtle, gentle scoring of the peel reveals itself slowly.

Banana Message (2)

Regardless, Travis was thrilled when I told him his banana had a secret message for him. He was so surprised!

Banana Message (4)

He then needed to try his own hand at it of course. These would be fun for a kid to put together and slip into mom or dad’s lunch for work!

Banana Message (5)