What Happens Next?

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If you follow along with the Wonder Weeks for your infant (which I loosely do; I like to be aware when a wonder week is approaching, but have never used the app or explored further resources), then watch for one at about 19 weeks old. Veronika is right on schedule with this Wonder leap, as she starts to understand the sequence of events. It’s an exciting development for your baby, so don’t be upset by a day or two of unusual fussiness!

To help Veronika through the leap, today we played a game simply called, “what happens next?” As much as I could throughout the day, I talked about what would happen next with each action. Some were easy. Hold out your arms and say, “I’m going to pick you up next.” And then do!

What Happens (2)

Cause-and-effect toys work great for this game. What happens if I shake rice in a container? It makes a noise!

What Happens (3)

What happens next if I wind up a jack-in-the-box? The bunny pops out!

What Happens (4)

You can also walk around the house looking for cause-and-effect. Think light switches, faucets, or other easily observable changes.

What Happens (5)

And of course, as you’re getting your little one dressed or doing diaper changes, talk through it step-by-step. “Next I’m going to put on your diaper!” “Next we’ll put on your pajamas!” Even though she doesn’t entirely follow, Veronika babbles and smiles along whenever we chat like this.

What Happens (7)

What happens next? A big kiss I think!