Extra Large Family Photo Album

Large Album (2)

As your child becomes more familiar with faces, not just in the immediate family but of relatives as well, pictures are a big help. That way, family and friends whom baby sees often – but not every day – will become even more recognizable. This can also ease separation anxiety, if he or she is ever left alone with these friends and relatives.

To help, we made an extra big photo album today! This project isn’t fancy; I put the pics in a single=subject spiral notebook like you used to use in school.

Large Album (1)

Note: I would have made the pictures even bigger, except that printing costs go up as photo size goes up. But 5×7 prints seemed to work well, fitting nicely onto the pages of an 8×11 notebook.

I made a quick cover from construction paper, positioning the album in landscape mode.

On each page, affix a picture. I used tape so that no edges would curl up, which I feared would happen over time if I used glue.

Large Album (3)

You can add a caption under each picture, which means this album will do double-duty as your child ages, and wants to go through early memories!

Large Album (4)

Make sure to include lots of familiar faces, family friends, and big moments.

Large Album (5)

And of course, pictures of baby too! Infants love looking at themselves.

Large Album (11)

Veronika seemed fascinated when we flipped through. She wanted to reach out and turn the pages.

Large Album (10)

And seemed very clued in to the faces she was looking at.

Large Album (9)

Travis loved flipping through the album, too. Despite its very unprofessional appearance, we plan to add pictures as the months move forward, and we’re hoping this is an album we’ll treasure for years to come.

Large Album (8)


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