Feed the Ducks

Feed the Ducks (6)

Why is it that ducks and their quacks are one of the first sounds we teach babies? Perhaps it’s because, unless you live on a farm, your little one is more likely to have easier access these fun birds than to other common sound animals (think cows, horses, pigs, etc.). Plus the “quack quack” sound is just so irresistibly fun to make and hear. So today, we took a field trip to the park with the specific agenda to check out the ducks.

Whether or not you’re visiting fowl friends, parks are a fantastic outing with your baby. Long before he or she is old enough to play on the playground, there’s so much to see and hear at the park.

Feed the Ducks (1)

You can sit on a warm bench in the sun, walk on easy paths, or just let your little one soak up the ambiance. Little kids will be wide-eyed watching the big kids move on the playground structures.

Feed the Ducks (3)

Veronika likes seeing big brother Travis swing!

Feed the Ducks (4)

After some playtime, we headed toward the pond to find ducks, and were quickly rewarded.

Feed the Ducks (5)

Veronika listened to all the quacking and observed the way the birds splashed through the water. While we watched, I sang the little nursery rhyme Five Little Ducks (which we later watched at home!).

Feed the Ducks (8)

If you’re going to feed the ducks, please take caution. I didn’t do my homework until after we returned, where I learned that the pita bread I had torn up (even into tiny pieces, and even only one handful) wasn’t the best option.

Feed the Ducks (7)

Instead, I could have tossed rolled oats or defrosted peas, both of which we had at home. Sorry ducks!


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