Visit a Local Store

Local Store (2).jpg

Veronika and I were in need of a field trip today. With warmer-than-usual weather and bright sunshine, I simply couldn’t stay in the house!

Rather than heading off to an enclosed, sunless mall, I recommend traveling to your nearest Main Street and checking out local stores. Or if your own town doesn’t feel safe for walking about with a stroller, find a cute Main Street a few towns over.


Small boutiques were full of interesting things for Veronika to look at, so much to catch her eye from bright colors to sparkle to contrasting shapes. Here she is checking out jewelry displays…

Local Store (4)

…and in the kids section!

Local Store (3)

In addition to the visual stimulation, many small shops will have a wonderful smell as you step through the door – pine, or incense, or the aroma of coffees and teas, perhaps.

Needless to say, this was the perfect time of year for local browsing. Even if your baby falls asleep, you can knock out holiday shopping! Even just browsing, it felt good to get out of the house with Veronika, and to support local businesses in the process.

This sign says it all:

Local Store (1)


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