Where Are You?

Where am I (2)

This sweet activity is great for bonding plus gross muscle development; it’s a nice variation on standard tummy time.

Today, do your baby’s tummy time on… your tummy!

I lay down flat on my back, and placed Veronika on my chest. At first, she was quite content to lie there with her cheek against my shirt.

Where am I (1)

I lifted my head slightly, and called her name. You could instantly see her eyes light up, alert to the communication. Continue to say your child’s name, and help lift the head slightly if needed. Here she is trying to lift her neck.

Where am I (3)

Good work, Veronika!


Try Some “On” Time

On Time (3)

I’m not ready to leave Veronika with a babysitter yet… but I also have moments when I need, well, my brain and my hands! Now that Veronika is old enough for quality face time¬†with relatives, I can try some time being “on” as me and “off” as a caregiver.

When you need a moment, invite someone (grandparents are usually more than willing!) to take time “on” with your baby. Veronika absolutely adores staring at these new and comforting faces.

On Time (4)

Meanwhile I’m free to get things done – bills, Christmas clean-up. And if I really have time for a pause, the crossword!

On Time (1)

What do you do in your parenting “off” moments while someone else is “on”? Do share in the comments!