Introduce the Family

Intro Family (1)

We’re lucky that Veronika’s two month birthday and first round of vaccinations coincide with the holidays – because this is the perfect time to introduce new family members! Just as with friends of the family, your infant is now more attuned to his or her surroundings, and taking an interest in what the people around are doing.

I’m used to Veronika gazing at me, but it’s so heart-warming to watch her turn her focus on other people as well.

When you introduce baby to aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives, take it slow and try not to overwhelm your little one. Veronika loved taking a special moment in each person’s lap or arms, quietly having a moment one-on-one. With aunts…

Intro Family (5)


Intro Family (3)

…a special story time from a cousin…

Intro Family (2)

…and grandparents.

Intro Family (6)

Uncle’s fingers make the perfect fingerhold at nap time!

Eve (8).JPG

It didn’t matter whether it was the holidays or just a simple weekend; it felt special to take the time to do this, and let Veronika bond with her family members. I hope you enjoy this activity with your baby, too!


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