Be a Kangaroo

Kangaroo (2)

There’s certainly no right or wrong time to feed your baby, but I prefer to be an “on demand” nurser (listen for that “neh” sound, mamas!), which means Veronika might go three or four hours between feedings during the day, or prefer just a 90 minute stretch. But between 8 and 11 p.m., that girl wants to eat! A lot of it is just comfort nursing, after a point, which means I reach a moment where I want to cradle her close, but also eat my own dinner or get things done!

The solution? Take a cue from mother nature and try on a kangaroo pouch.

I have an Ergo carrier for shopping and walks and being truly hands free, but at night, a much easier sling that goes over the shoulder allows me to keep her close, but still get things done.

Kangaroo (1)

Slings are fantastic for their ease. Your baby will feel comfort and warmth, but you get your hands. Make hushing sounds or hum to your baby, or simply rock back and forth – the movement will certainly remind your little one of the womb.

This is one of those activities that’s a win for everyone!


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