Take a Neighborhood Walk

Walk Neighborhood (2)

Fresh air is so good for babies (just dress them in one more layer than you yourself are wearing), and it was so nice today to have a quiet moment just with Veronika to walk our neighborhood.

Buckle your baby in a carrier, and head out there! This was my chance to break out the carrier after 4 years, and remember how all the buckles attached!

Walk Neighborhood (1)

As we walked, I talked to Veronika about the things we could see – dogs out for a stroll, buildings, blue sky. It was hard to take pictures, so here is our shadow stopping to look at flowers:

Walk Neighborhood (4)

And fountains:

Walk Neighborhood (3)

Chances are, your baby will be so comfy they’ll nod off along the way – Veronika did! But that’s okay, I just kept walking and enjoying the moment with my baby girl.



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