Tippy Toe

Tippy Toe (1)

I love little nursery rhymes for babies – the words will bring a smile, or just a look of contentment. And of course many rhymes have actions that go along with the words, to engage multiple senses (think: This Little Piggie Went to Market or Hickory Dickory Dock).

Here was a new one Veronika and I played today! While your child is in your lap, walk your fingers up one arm, over the head, and down the other arm, saying this cute rhyme:

Tippy tippy tiptoe, off we go

Tippy tippy tiptoe, to and fro

Tippy tippy tiptoe, through the house

Tippy tippy tiptoe, quiet as a mouse.

We continued the game all day as I carried Veronika from place to place, tip-toeing as I moved. The words seem to demand a hushed whisper, and Veronika seemed to love hearing this very soft tone.

Older siblings may enjoy getting in on the tip-toe play, too!


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