Baby Watches Ribbons

Baby Watch Ribbon (4)

As with the Light and Shade game, we love finding new ways to entertain Veronika (and strengthen her eyesight!) in these early days. Big brother Travis particularly enjoyed this version.

We re-purposed an old craft – dancing ribbon wands – for this cute activity, but if you don’t have these already-made, simply tie a few pretty ribbons onto wooden dowels securely. The greater variety of ribbon the better!

Dangle the ribbons where you infant can gaze at them.

Baby Watch Ribbon (1)It was fun to let her feel the ribbons briefly against her fingertips, too.

Baby Watch Ribbon 2)

Have fun changing the way you move the ribbons: jerky up and down motions first, and then a gentle swing.

Baby Watch Ribbon (3)

Of course, never leave your newborn alone with the ribbons – this is definitely a hands-on game!


Light and Shade

Light and Shade (2)

I continue to find new things for Veronika to look at in her quiet, alert moments, and a great idea is to place your infant near a window. The play of light and shade will be fascinating.

This works best if you find a window in direct sun. So while the first one was ideal for lying her down, it was unfortunately in shadow at the time.

Light and Shade (1)

I held her instead near a window getting direct morning light, and her eyes, well, let up! Look at the picture at the top of this post for the way she smiled!

Light and Shade (3)

She seemed to feel wonder at the slats of light across mommy’s skin.

Light and Shade (4)

Windows near trees are a great option, too, since the light will change every time the leaves move in the breeze. I remember doing this same activity outside with Travis, lying directly under a tree, which is a great alternative if you are some place warm.