Start Talking

Start Talking (2)

If you’re the parent of a newborn, chances are you’re already guilty of speaking “baby-ese”, that particular, sing-songy voice that people seem to instinctively use with infants. And there’s a reason for it. The pitch is higher than normal adult-speak, and the vowels are longer; studies show that babies pay more attention to adults using this type of language than those speaking in a normal pitch, and that the exaggerated mouth movements help infants better grasp meaning.

So start talking! Your newborn may seem like a sleeping-eating-pooping machine, but they are already taking in so much of the world.

Today’s activity with Veronika, then, was simply to remember to keep talking, especially in a home where adults and big kids dominate.

Any time is a good time to talk, whether over breakfast with big brother…

Start Talking (1)

…or in quiet one-on-one moments. You might even elicit a little smile.

Start Talking (3)

Or a big gummy grin.



Diaper Time Reflections

Diaper Mirror (1)

Right now, your newborn can only focus about 8 to 10 inches away – ideal for focusing on your face during nursing sessions or snuggles of course! But that means you’ll want to find other ways stimulate the eyes up close.

To wit, a small unbreakable toy mirror on the diaper table during changing time is a fantastic option. Not only will baby be entertained (many such mirrors contain crinkly flaps, or small stuffed animals to look at, but oh my goodness…

Diaper Mirror (2)… Veronika is wondering, who is that cute face in the mirror?

Baby won’t understand yet that they are looking at themself, but it will certainly provide a distraction from an unwanted diaper change.

Diaper Mirror (3)

No need to reserve this activity for the diaper table – Veronika loves looking at the mirror in her playgym, too!

Crunch Time

Crunch Time (7).JPG

After a fun snack time making and eating apple nachos, we had a big green apple leftover on the counter. I realized I could easily entertain Travis by turning this last apple not into a snack but into a building material. This activity is great for keeping kids busy, whether you’re nursing a younger sibling, cooking a family dinner, or prepping for a big holiday feast later this month!

Crunch Time (1)

Travis and I started with a firm base, and I showed him how he could attach two apple pieces together with a toothpick.

Crunch Time (2)

Pretty soon he was off and running with it, building up up up.

Crunch Time (3)

He loved seeing how horizontally-added toothpicks helped stabilize the structure – a little engineer at work!

Crunch Time (5)

Kids can make the design as simple or as complicated as they like. We finished ours with a triangle tower on top.

Crunch Time (6)

And soon it was home to a Duplo bunny.

Crunch Time (8)

How do you keep kids entertained while you’re busy in the kitchen? Please share in the comments!