Diaper Time Reflections

Diaper Mirror (1)

Right now, your newborn can only focus about 8 to 10 inches away – ideal for focusing on your face during nursing sessions or snuggles of course! But that means you’ll want to find other ways stimulate the eyes up close.

To wit, a small unbreakable toy mirror on the diaper table during changing time is a fantastic option. Not only will baby be entertained (many such mirrors contain crinkly flaps, or small stuffed animals to look at, but oh my goodness…

Diaper Mirror (2)… Veronika is wondering, who is that cute face in the mirror?

Baby won’t understand yet that they are looking at themself, but it will certainly provide a distraction from an unwanted diaper change.

Diaper Mirror (3)

No need to reserve this activity for the diaper table – Veronika loves looking at the mirror in her playgym, too!

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