Penny Wish Container

Penny Jar (3)

Baby’s receive lots of new visitors, and here’s a fun tradition we started this time around!

Before Veronika was born, I purchased a pretty jar and a little notebook, with the idea that each visitor would drop in a penny (almost like in a wishing will) and jot down a note or two of well wishes.

Big brother Travis loved the idea so much he wanted to give her some pennies to start her collection! We cracked open his piggy bank and sorted the pennies from the other coins, starting her off with a full dollar.

Penny Jar (2)

When we have visitors, it’s big brother’s very important job to tell them about the wish jar. We love reading what visitors have to say, and this will be a great keepsake to look back on!

Penny Jar (4)


Spend Time Alone with Baby

Spend Time (4)

Today, Veronika and I kept things as simple as possible, with the focus on making the most of our one-on-one time.

Oddly, I remember feeling with both children that solo time with the baby was never in ample supply. With Travis, we had a constant flow of visitors wanting to meet the baby, even though we were “nesting” and barely left the apartment for the first month. With Veronika, it’s a matter of having an older sibling who is almost always around!

But I love being able to carve out solo moments with her, and the key is to be deeply present.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to be doing anything spectacular with your newborn at this point. Diapering, feeding, dressing him or her, talking, and cuddling, are what the baby needs. Bathing is another great way to bond, as per our sponge bath tonight (no tub baths until the stump falls off!).

Spend Time (2)

Whether you’re breast feeding or bottle feeding, try to tune out distractions in these moments. Today as I nursed, taking time to make eye contact with Veronika, I worked my way up from my toes to my head, briefly tensing each muscle and then releasing. This is a great way to relax into the moment.

Finally, just make eye contact and talk! Your baby will get to know you. As you sit together quietly, envision what you want your bond to look like over the years ahead, and what kind of parent you want to be. Here we are in her alert moment, deep in “conversation”!

Spend Time (3)

Happy bonding!