Stop and Watch

Stop and Watch (3)

It’s hard to believe, but here we are with Veronika a full month old already.

“Look at how she’s looking at you!” marveled the woman at the toy store when I stopped in today, and I peeked down at my little girl in her stroller. Indeed, her wide-open eyes were laser-focused on me; I get to be a celebrity a little longer.

It was a good reminder to take the day and just pause: to take stock, to stop and look closely at her, and to see how much she’s changed in one month already.

If you do the same, simply stop and watch your baby for a little while. I placed Veronika down on her cricket blanket and just watched.

The eyes are more alert.

Stop and Watch (5)

The expressions are more varied.

Stop and Watch (1)

The hand gestures are more deliberate.

Stop and Watch (2)

And of course the snuggles and time together are still just as wonderful.

Stop and Watch (4)

What is your baby’s behavior like at the one-month milestone? I’d love to hear in the comments!


Juice Box Pirate Ship and Flags

Juice Boat (6).JPG

This is likely the last of the boats Travis and I will make for a while, but a few lemonade juice boxes in the fridge made us decide to construct one last version before we put our pirate games to rest!

First, enjoy a juice box of course.

Juice Boat (2)

Once it’s empty, I recommend taping over the hole where the straw was, to avoid juice leaking out (or your boat filling with water in the tub).

Pierce two holes in the top of the juice box for the masts (grown-up step!).

You can use the juice box straw for the mast, but we found that thicker, regular plastic straws were sturdier. Snip these into thirds, and use two of the pieces for this project.

Juice Boat (4)

Travis loved snipping the straws so much, I had to redirect him for the rest of the boat!

Juice Boat (3)

Decorate a piece of paper with markers or stickers to make your sail, then cut into a triangle shape.

Juice Boat (1)

Tape onto the two masts, and you’re ready to set sail on the seven seas.

Juice Boat (5)

These are perfect little boats for bathtime, although they won’t hold up very long – the paper sails especially are only good for a short while.

Juice Boat (7)

Travis decided the paper sail was too flimsy. We had leftover pirate stickers, so decorated a big piece of red foam instead.

Pirate Flags (2)

Although not attached to the ship, he loved doing this, and waving it around. You could even teach a bit of the history behind pirate flags, often flown to scare merchant ships so they could take them over without ever having to fight.

Pretty scary!

Pirate Flags (4)