Fruit Boats

Fruit Boat (3).JPG

Origami boats might be fun to play with, but fruit boats are even bettert\ to eat! After a busy school day, Travis helped me create these adorable boats for snacktime.

First, cut a whole cantaloupe into wedges. Travis asked at first if it was mango – it’s amazing how we forget that kids can be disconnected from food, when it’s served to them already cut up. He loved discovering that the big fruit in front of us was his favorite melon.

Fruit Boat (1)

Put a toothpick in each wedge, and add watermelon pieces as the sails.

Fruit Boat (2)

For the pirate, cut a circular piece of banana as the head. Cut the banana lengthwise into pieces for the torso and arms. Use toothpicks to stick your pirate man together, and then another toothpick to affix him to the boat. We made a boat and pirate for Daddy, too!

Fruit Boat (5)

Travis loved it, and delighted in pulling apart the pirate ship piece by piece. There goes your hull, matey!

Fruit Boat (6)

A super cute and fun snack for pirate lovers.

Fruit Boat (4)



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