Origami Boat

Origami Boat (10)

Travis and I have been finding neat materials from which to make boats, now that we’re on a bit of a pirate kick. I found the instructions for this origami boat online, and thought it looked fun. It turned out to be quite tricky, but Travis and I had a ball, laughing at our gaffes, and cheering when we got it right!

Ideally use origami paper, but construction paper works in a pinch. Either way, begin by trimming into a rectangle. Fold the paper in half horizontally, and open back up. Fold in half down vertically and leave folded.

I was so proud Travis wanted to do his own folding!

Origami Boat (2)

Next fold the upper two corners into the center crease, forming two triangles.

Origami Boat (3)

Fold up the bottom of the paper on both the back and front – now it looks like a pirate hat!

Origami Boat (4)

But don’t stop there. Now you’re going to push the bottom two corners toward each other, a process that really only makes sense once you feel it intuitively. It will make the paper into a square that folds flat (hint: tuck in the excess flap on the front and back).

Origami Boat (5)

Now fold up the bottom of this diamond on both front and back, pressing flat.

Origami Boat (6)

Take the edges of this triangle toward the center – another tricky step! You’ll form another square. We had a good giggle over this one as we figured it out!

Origami Boat (7)

Finally, pull the top corners out, and press flat – now you have a boat!

Origami Boat (8)

It should hold pretty well, but for a little added security, I stuck masking tape on the edges.

Origami Boat (9)

Travis was SO proud, an loved his boats so much that he requested a fleet. I soon became pretty adept at making them, so he had lots of boats to fly around the apartment.

Happy folding!

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