Develop the Gaze

Develop Gaze (4)

Here’s our final activity for the first month of Veronika’s life! As with many of the activities this early on, today’s was about taking a quiet moment – a must, for an infant in a busy home! We paused just to look at each other, and truly give her time to develop her eyesight.

Great moments for this include nursing – when an infant is an ideal 8 to 10 inches from your face – or when you hold your baby in your arms. Veronika loves being cradled in one elbow and just staring up at me – I swear she makes me feel like a pop star. This might be the closest I’ll ever come to the celebrity status of a Bruno Mars. In particular, she seems fascinated when I eat, eyes big and wide.

Develop Gaze (2)

So today, give your baby these moments, and take time to gaze back. Here’s another wide-eyed stare I caught on camera, although the flash made her blink.

Develop Gaze (3)

You can also let infants stare at their big siblings, from a slightly further distance away. This will be a great way to develop their eyesight. Travis loved helping out for today’s demonstration!

Develop Gaze (1)

What does your infant love to watch you do? Do they seem fascinated by a particular feature? Please share in the comments!


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